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2020-2021 Martinettes Twirling Corps.

Senior Twirling Corps


     Elizabeth Breckenridge

     Jenna Dale

Corps Members

      Katie Brady-Bishop

      Molly Brady-Bishop

      Sage Harger

      Danielle Reynolds

      Brittney Thomas

Honor Guard


     Cody Anderson

     Thomas Breckenridge

Corps Members

     Gracie Martin

     Tiffany Thomas

Junior Twirling Corps

Corps Members

     Lily Atkinson

     Taylor Bergman

     Bethany Grant

     Katie Mattay

     Madison Rea

     Kaley Ricker

     Julia Salaway

     Addison Smaracheck

     Deanna Snodgrass

Sophomore Twirling Corps

Corps Members

     Sophie Elliott

     Cambrie Florenz

     Hailey Florenz

     Ava Martin

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